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Conserving Energy With Your Digital Box


Cox is taking an active part in improving the energy efficiency of our boxes. Along with other members of the telecom industry, Cox has signed a voluntary agreement around reducing the amount of energy consumed by video boxes.

  • Cox and other companies post information about the energy consumption of their boxes on energy.cablelabs.com.
  • Through Cox Conserves, Cox has goals to send zero waste to the landfill in the next 10 years and become carbon and water neutral in the next 30 years.

Media Coverage

The US Energy Department put out a press release regarding new cable industry standards. Key points from the Press Release are listed below.

  • The new standards were developed through a non-regulatory agreement between the pay-TV industry, the consumer electronics industry, and energy efficiency advocates.
  • Ultimately enough electricity will be saved each year to power 700,000 homes and will avoid more than 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Auto Power Save Feature

Auto Power Save puts the digital box into a light sleep after four hours of inactivity.

  • One minute before entering light sleep, the box displays an alert instructing the user to press the SELECT button to keep the box powered on.
  • Scheduled recordings will record when the box is in light sleep.

Select the appropriate box and follow the steps below to turn the Auto Power Save feature on or off.

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