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Connecting Your Mac to Your In-Home WiFi Network


Use the following steps to connect your Mac to your in-home WiFi network.

For more help using your Mac, visit Apple Support.


From the menu bar, click on the Wi-Fi icon.


In the Wi-Fi drop-down menu, complete the following.

  1. Confirm that Wi-Fi: On is grayed out.
  2. From the list of nearby WiFi networks, select your in-home WiFi network name.


  • If you don't see your network listed, then check that you are close to the access point and that others can connect to it.
  • You can connect to a hidden network by choosing Join other network and entering the name of the network you're trying to use.
  • The strength of each nearby network is shown next to its name. More darkened bars indicate a stronger network connection.

Enter your password.


  • Networks that have a lock icon next to their name require a password.
  • After you select your network, enter the network password when you're prompted.

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