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Connecting Your iPad to WiFi


Use the steps below to connect your iPad to a WiFi network.

For more help using your iPad, visit Apple Support.


From the Home screen, select Settings.


From the left navigation menu, tap Wi-Fi.

Note: If Wi-Fi is OFF, tap OFF to turn it ON.

Image of the WiFi Networks in iPad Settings menu


Tap a WiFi network name, then proceed according to the table below.

  • The iPad has connected to this network before
  • The network is unsecured
The iPad connects to the network.
  • The iPad has not connected to this secured network before
  • The network password has changed
Enter the network password when prompted, then tap Join.

Result: The iPad connects to the Wi-Fi network and the WiFi icon displays the network signal strength.


  • The WiFi icon displays network signal strength, not the presence or speed of the Internet connection.
  • Once an iPad joins a network, it automatically connects when in range.
  • When more than one remembered network is in range, the iPad connects to the most recently used network.

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