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Connecting a Panoramic Wifi Gateway to an Ethernet Wall Jack


Use the steps below to help you connect your Panoramic Wifi Gateway to an Ethernet wall jack when your ONT is in one of the following places in your home.

  • In a metal media panel. Metal interferes with WiFi signals, so Panoramic Wifi gateways should not be placed inside.
  • In a bracket or media panel mounted to a garage wall.
  • In a weather-proof box, mounted to an exterior wall.

If your ONT is accessible, then check the ONT to confirm it is plugged in to power and that the following lights are solid green.


Note: If the lights are not solid green, then contact us to help you get set up.

Do not touch the thin fiber cable or the connector in the PON or WAN port on the ONT. Lasers are in use, and serious eye damage could occur.


Connect the Ethernet cable into the designated port on the Panoramic Wifi Gateway. The port varies based on the gateway version, use your gateway color listed below to determine the port.

  • Black gateway (CGM4141COX): Use the ETH1 port.
  • White gateway (CGM4331COX): Use Ethernet port 4 marked with an orange line on the bottom right. This is the 2.5 Gbps port. No other Ethernet ports on the back will work with the ONT.

Connect the other end of the cable into an active Ethernet wall jack that’s inside.

Note: The number and location of designated Ethernet wall jacks vary by property.


Plug the power adapter into the Panoramic Wifi Gateway and electrical wall outlet.

Result: During connection, the LED light at the top of the Gateway will blink. After about 10 minutes, a solid white light indicates that the Gateway is online and ready to use.


Set up the network name (SSID) and password. Refer to Using a Single WiFi Network Name and Password.

Note: If you have Cox Voice service and a Panoramic Wifi Gateway, you can connect the phone cord in the telephone port on the back of the gateway as follows by model.

  • Black gateway (CGM4141COX): Use TEL 1.
  • White gateway (CGM4331COX): Use Telephone Port 1 on the top left side for the first line of Voice service.

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