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Configuring a Computer for Cox Internet Service


Configuration Information

You may need to use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to configure TCP/IP settings if you have trouble connecting to Cox Internet in the following situations. See TCP / IP Setup By Operating System section below.

  • You recently installed a new Network Interface Card (NIC).
  • You are connecting a computer to Cox Internet for the first time.

If your computer is already part of a network, you must modify the computer's network configuration to connect to Cox Internet. One of the following actions is required.

  • Change your computer's configuration, disconnect from the network, and then connect to Cox Internet.
  • Use another computer which is not connected to the network to connect to Cox Internet.
  • Use the DHCP service to obtain the following items.
    • IP Address
    • Default gateway
    • Domain Name Service (DNS) address

TCP / IP Setup by Operating System

Refer to specific information for your operating system below to configure your network settings for use with Cox Internet service.

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