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Clearing Last Watched History on the Contour Receiver


With the Last Watched feature, you can access and clear the last programs or TV shows you watched on the receiver.

Use your Cox remote to clear the different types of watched programming from your Contour receiver.

  • Live TV
  • Saved Recordings on the DVR
  • On Demand

Press Last.


On the Last Watched screen, complete the following.

  • If clearing history for one TV program, then use the arrow buttons to highlight the program, and then press D.
  • If clearing all TV programs, then press D.
    image of last watched window

On the Last Watched Clear History screen, use the left and right arrow buttons to highlight one of the following functions, and then press OK.

  • Just this channel - Clears only the selected TV program
  • Clear all history - Clears all of the nine TV programs from the Last Watched menu
  • Cancel - Returns to Last Watched menu
    Note: The Cancel function does not display a confirmation screen.

    image of last watched deletion options
    Result: A confirmation screen based on your selection displays a message that your history has been cleared.

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