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Cisco DPC3825



Modem Information

DOCSIS 3.0 Single Band WiFi Modem

My WiFi Compatible

8x4 channel bonding with speeds of up to 150 Mbps on a wired connection

Cox recommends a DOCSIS 3.1 modem or gateway

Highest Service Level

Go Fast - 100 Mbps


Front View

image of front view of modem

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After the cable modem successfully registers on the network, the POWER, DS, US, and ONLINE indicators illuminate continuously to indicate that the cable modem is online and fully operational.


Back View

image of Back View of DPQ3925 gateway

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The Cisco DPC3825 has the following ports available on the back.

  • POWER - Connects the modem to the power adapter
  • USB - Connects to selected client devices
  • ETHERNET - Provides internet access to a single device. Only one port is active at a time.
  • WIRELESS SETUP - Initiates wireless setup - allows the user to add new Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) compliant wireless clients to the home network
  • RESET - Used to reset the modem

MAC Address

MAC label

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The Cisco DPC3825 comes configured with wireless security. By default, the Cisco WiFi modem supports 802.11n wireless standards and uses WPA / WPA2 wireless security settings. The SSID and Passphrase are printed on the label on the modem.

  • The SSID on the modem is either the last six characters of the CM MAC Address or the SSID identified on the label.
  • The Passphrase is the same as the modem's 9-digit S/N or serial number.


image of modem lights

The lights indicate the current status of your modem. To troubleshoot any connection problems, use the table below.

Light Status Problem
Blinking Not connected to the Internet
  1. Turn off all network devices, including the modem and computers. Then turn on each device in the following order.
    1. Modem
    2. Computer
  2. Check the connections. Computers connected by Ethernet must be connected to one of the ports numbered 1 through 4 on the back of the modem.
Off No power - Verify power supply connections and electrical outlet. Also, make sure the outlet is not connected to a switch.
DS On None
Amber None - narrowband operation
Green None - bonded channel operation
US On None
Amber None - narrowband operation
Green None - bonded channel operation
ONLINE On None - modem registered on the network and operational
1 - 4
On None - modem successfully connected to a device through that port
Blinking None - network activity over that port
Off No devices are connected - Verify Ethernet cable connections, the TCP/IP settings, and the NIC. NIC drivers may need to be reinstalled.
USB On None - connection made through the USB port
Blinking None - network activity over the USB port
Off No devices are connected - Verify all cable connections and try resetting the modem.
WIRELESS LINK On None - wireless access point enabled
Blinking None - modem actively sending or receiving data over the network
Off No wireless access points are disabled by the user
WIRELESS SETUP (WPS) Off None - wireless setup not active
Blinking None - wireless setup active to add new wireless clients on the wireless network

Manufacturer Resources

For more detailed technical information on the DPC3825, use the resources below from Cisco.

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