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Changing an Authorized User Password in My Account



In a web browser, go to www.cox.com.

  1. From the Cox.com home page, click Sign In My Account.
  2. Enter your primary User ID and Password, then click Sign In.

    Note: You must log in as the primary Account Holder to create or modify an Authorized User.

Click View Profile.

MyAccount My Profile link

Under My Profile, click Add & Manage Users.

manage users edit button


To change the password, click Modify User next to the secondary user name.

select user and click modify

Result: The Modify User section displays.


Create a new password using the following steps.

  1. In the Password: field, enter a secure password.

    Note: Only passwords meeting the below minimum strength requirements are allowed.
    • Must be between 8 and 24 characters long
    • Must include both letters and numbers
    • Must not include any form of the word password
    • Must not include customer's user ID
    • May include special characters: !@#$%^*()
    • Is case sensitive, so SaMpLe24 is different than sample24
  2. Click Save Changes.

MyAccount, Secondary User, Modify User section

Result: A confirmation window displays the changes and a confirmation email or letter is sent.

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