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Changing a Scheduled Payment Online


Need to update a scheduled payment on Cox.com? Use the steps below to cancel and reschedule the payment so that you can do the following.

  • Change the credit card or payment method
  • Change the amount
  • Change the payment date

Note: The payment processing begins and cannot be stopped 48 hours before the due date. Future dated payments for past due accounts cannot be cancelled.

  1. Sign into www.cox.com/myaccount with your Cox username and password.
  2. Click Recent Activity.

    Result: The Recent Activity window displays.

Locate the scheduled payment and click Cancel.

highlight Cancel under Recent Activity

: A pop-up dialog box displays.


On the pop-up dialog box, click Yes to confirm that you want to cancel the scheduled payment.

: The payment Status changes from Scheduled to Cancelled.


To set up a new payment complete the following.

  1. Return to the Pay Bill page.
  2. Enter the amount to pay, the payment method, and the date for the payment to occur.
  3. Click the Preview Details button.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. Click the Recent Activity tab to view the newly scheduled payment.

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