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Change Switch Settings for the Cox Homelife Door Locks



Complete the following steps.

  1. Using the hex key provided, remove the three screws that hold the interior cover in place.

    Note: The hex key is size 3/32. If you misplace it, a replacement can be purchased at a hardware store.

    Image of removing screws from door lock

  2. Remove the interior cover.

    Image of removing interior cover from door lock

Set each switch individually by moving the switch to the On or Off position. The switches are positioned in the middle of the door lock.

Image of the Kwikset switches

A detailed view of the switches is shown below.

Enlarged image of the Kwikset switches

Use the instructions in the table below to set the correct controls.

Switch PositionDetails
OneDoor lock status LED light blinks every six seconds. The On position is the factory default.
TwoLock automatically re-locks 30 seconds after unlocking. Off position is the factory default.

If this switch is turned on, it will be disabled if all user codes are deleted.

ThreeEnables the beeping sound when the buttons are pressed. When disabled, keypad buttons light red or amber when pressed. The On position is the factory default.

It is recommended that this switch is enabled during programming.

FourThis switch is not used.

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