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Casting the Contour App and Online Content to Chromecast


For eligibility and requirements, refer to Requirements for Using Chromecast with the Contour App and Online.

Follow the steps below to begin casting content to a Chromecast device.


Log in to watchtv.cox.com or the Contour app on your mobile device using your Cox username and password.


Locate and select the Chromecast casting icon.

Image of Chromecast icon

  • The icon is located either next to the search box or the mini-player option in the upper right-hand corner of your display.
  • The icon can be selected at any time once it displays. This includes after the program has been launched, For You, Grid, Completed Recordings, or any browse page.

Result: The casting button changes from grey to solid when selected and a display of available Chromecast devices is displayed.


Identify and select the Chromecast device you want to use.

  • On the website.
    • Only Chromecast devices show as Available.
    • Non-Chromecast devices display Source not supported.
  • On the Contour app, only available devices are displayed.


  • If using the website, then the selected device displays Connecting below the device, then displays Stop casting once connected.
  • If using the Contour app, then the selected device changes from grey to solid.

To stop casting, click or tap the casting icon.

  • If using watchtv.cox.com, then from the list of devices, click Stop Casting.
  • If using the Contour app, then the casting icon turns grey to indicate that the cast is stopped.

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