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CableCARD Features and Limitations


CableCARDs allows you to receive video programming through the use of a retail device. This includes TVs and other devices that accept CableCARDs.

  • A retail device has built-in technology that allows you to receive digital and High-Definition (HD) cable signals without the use of a Cox receiver.
  • You can lease a CableCARD from Cox to access digital cable and HD programming.

Due to the evolving use of the Internet to view and transmit video programming, Cox must make network upgrades to ensure its programming remains secure. It may be necessary to contact the equipment provider for CableCARD-ready devices to upgrade your device.

Note: PC-based CableCARD devices, such as HDHomeRun Prime from Silicon Dust, TV Wonder from ATI, or InfiniTV from Ceton, require Windows Media Center to record and may be required to view copy-protected channels.

CableCARD Limitations

With CableCARD devices, you do not have access to the features below.

  • Cox’s Interactive Program Guide (IPG) including Cox’s Parental Controls
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV), including special events and sports packages when ordering from your remote; however, you can call Cox to order
  • On DEMAND content is not available with TiVo

CableCARD and Digital Receiver Comparison

Refer to the table below for comparisons of CableCARDS and digital receivers.

Features Capabilities CableCARD Only CableCARD with Tuning Adapter Cox Receiver
Cable Programming Receives digital programming YES YES YES
Picture Quality
Produces a clear picture and high-quality sound YES YES YES

Premium Channels

Access premium channels like HBO, Showtime, or Starz

Note: Based on your programming package, premium channels are available.

Interactive Program Guide
Access Cox's interactive programming guide NO NO YES
Purchase PPV movies using your remote control

 Exception: You can call Cox to order PPV special events and sports packages.



Access to On Demand




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