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Billing Statement Information


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How Cox Bills for Service

Cox bills all customers in advance for the normal monthly service charges; whereas usage-based charges, such as pay-per-view movies and long-distance phone calls, will be reflected on the next bill.

  • When a bill is received, it is for approximately the next 30 days of service. The bill will include any remaining balance from your last bill, and any usage charges you may have incurred.
  • Your bill may include charges or credits in addition to your normal monthly charges for service. This may include transactions such as Pay-Per-View or OnDemand, partial months charges for a change in service, or an adjustment made to your account.

Partial Month Services

If you added or removed service in the middle of your billing period, then you've only used a partial month of the service. The charge or credit for that partial month will appear on the next statement.

Bill Delivery Methods

Cox offers several ways to receive your bill statement.

Delivery Method Description
Cox Paperless Billing With Cox Paperless Billing, each month when your bill is ready to view at cox.com/mybill, we will send you an email letting you know. This email will include a quick summary of your balance due, and due date. When you log in, you can view a full detailed copy of your bill.
Detailed Paper Bill As part of our Cox Conserves commitment to our environment, we highly recommend you give Cox Paperless Billing a try. If paperless is not right for you, we will be happy to mail you a full detailed bill each month to the address of your choice.

Billing Cycle

Cox bills for services 30 days at a time. You will receive a new bill from us at approximately the same time each month. Depending on the number of days in the month, your payment due date may also be on or about the same date each month. While we try to keep this date as consistent as possible, your due date will vary from If you would like your bill due around a specific date, please chat with us and we will be happy to see what we can do.

One-Time Charges

A one-time charge is separate from your monthly recurring charges for service. A one-time charge can include the cost of a Pro Connect or service call.

Cox may require a new or additional deposit. The deposit must be paid by cash, money order, or credit card.

How to View Past Bills Online

Cox offers customers 18 months of bills online or in the Cox app. To view your bills, open the Cox app or visit cox.com/mybill.

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