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Assuming a Telephone Number or Equipment


Explanation of Terms

  • Telephone Number Assumption - This is when someone else takes over the current active telephone number, usually due to a death.
  • Equipment Assumption - This is the equipment to provide Telephone, Internet, or TV services located at the address being taken over by someone else, usually due to a death.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The telephone number being assumed must be currently in service with Cox, meaning it cannot be an inactive number.
  • The current Account Holder no longer resides in the residence.
  • Reactivation of the new account must be at the same physical location as the disconnecting account.
  • The Cox account that the telephone number is being assumed from must be current, no transactions for past due accounts.
  • The current Cox Account Holder must provide verbal verification using their Cox PIN, and consent to release the active telephone number to the Cox Customer Support or Retail agent before this transaction is processed.


  • Cox Homelife equipment cannot be assumed.
  • Service Agreements, discounts, or campaigns are not transferable.
  • Cox email addresses cannot be assumed or saved.
  • Voice Mail is reset, all messages and recordings are deleted.

Assuming a Telephone Number or Equipment

Telephone Number or Equipment Assumptions in the case of death of the Account Holder requires verification by one of the following.

  • Official obituaries in newspapers and online; funeral programs
  • Online search of state, county, and city public records
  • The appointment from a Probate Court (if executor of estate)
  • Death Certificate

Verification Process

To assume the telephone number or equipment, you must be a spouse, domestic partner, or immediate family member of the deceased, and this must be stated in the death notification. To show proof, you can do one of the following.

Note About Telephone Number Assumption

A telephone number requires Third Party Verification (TPV) with the person requesting the number assumption. The TPV can be accomplished through a Third Party Vendor or using eSignature via Text or eMail to record the verification of E911 information. The TPV must be completed prior to processing the request. Contact Us to initiate an Assumption of a telephone number or existing equipment.

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