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Adjusting Closed Caption Settings on a Cox TV Receiver


Complete the steps below to adjust the closed caption settings on a Cox TV receiver.


Using the Cox remote, press the MENU or SETTINGS button to access the Main Menu.


Use the up or down arrows to highlight Guide Options and press SELECT.

Select Closed Captioning and make the desired changes. Listed below are the available options.
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Font color
  • Font opacity
  • Font edge style
  • Background color
  • Background opacity
  • Window color
  • Window opacity

Turn On or Off

To turn closed captioning on or off, use the Cox remote control and press the CC button. If the CC button does not work, then perform the following steps.

Note: The CC button may not work with all receiver types.


Press the down arrow button to open the audio options window at the bottom of the TV screen.


Highlight the option for Closed Captioning.


Press Select to toggle on or off.

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