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Adding Lighting Devices on the Touchscreen


Follow the steps below to add lighting to the Cox Homelife Touchscreen.

: The Lighting Device controls whether a light is turned on or off. This device can also manage dimmable lights.


From the Touchscreen home screen, tap Settings.


Enter the Master Code.


From the Settings menu, tap Home Devices.


From the Home Devices screen, tap Lighting.


After the Lighting menu loads, tap Add Lights.


For the lighting device, plug it into a wall socket and secure it with a screw.

For the smart bulb, prepare for pairing and confirm that the bulb is screwed into a powered lamp socket. The bulb indicates that it is in pairing mode by producing a pattern of dimming and brightening every couple of seconds. You have three minutes to complete the pairing process.

Note: If the smart bulb is installed into a lamp with an on/off switch or ceiling fixture that is controlled by a wall switch, the wall switch must remain in the ON position for the smart bulb to be controlled. If the bulb does not pulse immediately, then reset it by turning the light switch or power strip that the bulb is connected to on and off quickly ten times without interruption. The bulb blinks five times to indicate it is ready to pair.


Tap Next after the device is plugged into a wall socket or the bulb is installed.


Complete the following.

  • If you are pairing the light bulb, continue to the next step.
  • If you are pairing the lighting device only, it must be set to factory default to place it in Search mode by following these steps.
    1. Press and hold the On/Off button while plugging into an AC outlet,
    2. Once the LED light flashes, release and press the On/Off button again.

As lighting devices are found, an icon displays on the touchscreen for that device. When all the lighting devices are found, tap Done.

Result: The system notes the number of devices that were found and paired.


Tap Next to display the Configure Lighting Devices screen.


Tap on each lighting device icon to configure it.


After all the lighting devices are configured, tap Next.

Result: The Home Devices screen displays with lights marked done.

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