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Adding a User Code to Cox Homelife Door Locks


Follow the steps below to add user codes to your Homelife Door Lock.

  • You may program up to 30 user codes. Each user code must be four to eight digits.
  • During programming, if you have not pressed any buttons for five seconds, the system times out. The keypad beeps three times and flashes red. If this happens, restart the programming process.

Note: The hex key is size 3/32. A replacement key can be purchased at most hardware stores.


Using the hex key provided, complete the following steps.

  1. Remove the three screws that hold the interior cover in place.

    Remove screws from door lock

  2. Remove the interior cover.

    Removing interior cover from door lock


Press the program button once.

Kwikset program button

Result: The keypad flashes green and beeps three times to let you know the master code is enabled.


On the keypad, use the number keys to enter the master code.

Kwikset keypad


Press the lock button once.

Kwikset front lock button

On the keypad, enter the new user code.

Note: The user code must be four to eight digits.


Press the lock button once.

The keypad flashes green and beeps once.The programming was successful.
The keypad flashes red and beeps three times.

Programming was not successful. Complete the following.

  1. Restart the programming process.
  2. Make certain there is space available to add another user code. You are limited to a maximum of 30 codes.

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