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Adding a Secondary User


Use the following steps to create a secondary user in My Account on Cox.com for email and apps.

Only the primary User ID has access to create a secondary user.


Click View My Profile.

MyAccount My Profile link

Under My Profile, click Users & Email Accounts.

users & email accounts tab


Click Add User.

MyAccount, Add and Manage Users section highlighting the Add User button

  1. Complete the following fields.
    • User ID - Enter a user ID.
    • Password - Create a password and re-enter the password. Click the ? for guidelines.

      Note: A password strength meter shows you the security of the new password that you enter.
    • First Name - Enter the first name of the user.
    • Last Name - Enter the last name of the user.
    • Nickname - Enter a nickname for the user ID. This step is optional.
    • Recovery Email - Enter an email address that will be used to recover a forgotten password.
    • Would you like to create an email account for your new user ID? - Select No, do not create an email account or Yes, create an email account.
    • Allow this Secondary User complete access to all billing and payment areas. - Place a check in this box to grant an Authorized User the same access to the account billing and payment areas as the Account Holder.
  2. Click Add Secondary User.

add authorized user window

  1. On the account security pop-up window, complete the requested actions, then click Next.
  2. On the second security pop-up window that displays, complete the requested actions, then click Verify.

    Result: The Users & Email Accounts window displays a green confirmation banner and a confirmation email or letter is sent.

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