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Activating an eSIM Card


Before attempting to activate an eSIM card, ensure that you nave completed the activation process in the activation portal. See Cox Mobile Activation for more details.

The following information provides steps to activate a new or replacement embedded SIM (eSIM) card.


  • This process is for iPhone 14 or newer devices only. Other eSIM capable devices are not currently supported for purchased or BYOD devices.
  • If you are not finding these settings, ensure your software is updated on your iPhone. See Update your iPhone or iPad.

From the device Settings, tap Cellular.


Tap Set Up Cellular or Add eSIM, tap Install cellular plan.


From the Activate eSIM screen, tap Continue.

Result: Allow several minutes to activate and connect to the network. Once complete, a message displays Cellular Setup Complete. The eSIM is now active on the device.


Tap Done.

Result: A text message is sent confirming the new Cox Mobile number is active.


Place a test call. If a message displays prompting you to accept a certificate to join the network, then tap Accept Certificate.

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