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Access or Manage Settings Using the Cox Voice Everywhere App


Use the instructions below to manage your settings.


Locate and tap Settings at the bottom of the app to bring up the settings menu.

image of the settings screen


Tap to toggle Allow Incoming Calls to App to turn on or off the ability to receive an incoming call while the app is active on your smartphone.


Tap to toggle Allow Calls Over Cell Network to turn on or off the ability to use your cell phone's data when not connected to WiFi service.


Tap Manage Home Phone Settings to open a new menu as shown below.

image of Manage Home Phone Settings

Option Description
  1. Tap Voicemail
  2. Tap to toggle Voicemail on or off

    Note: To edit your Voicemail pin, tap Edit to open the Voicemail PIN menu. Follow the displayed instructions to change your Voicemail pin number.
Call Forwarding
  1. Tap Call Forwarding
  2. Tap to toggle Call Forwarding on or off.
  3. Tap All Calls or Selected calls to a number.
  4. Enter the telephone number to forward incoming calls from.

    Note: This is not necessary if All Calls is selected.

  5. Enter the telephone number to forward calls to.
  6. Tap Save in the upper right corner to save changes.

Tap Guided Tour to learn more about the Cox Voice Everywhere app.


Tap Cox Connect App to open the Cox Connect app to manage your account and all of your Cox services.


Tap About Voice Everywhere to identify the latest version of the app.


Tap Sign Out of Voice Everywhere to sign out of the app.

Note: Signing out of the app will allow for a different user to sign in. Cox Voice Everywhere app will not allow two different accounts to be used at the same time.

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