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Access and Watch On Demand from the Contour App or WatchTV


Use the table to below to learn how to use On Demand within the app. Only programming available in your subscription will display.

How To... Customer Action
Find On Demand movies and TV shows
  1. From the Main Menu, tap the appropriate option to select programming.
    • TV
    • Movies
    • Networks
  2. Swipe left and right to browse, or use Search to find a show or movie.
Sort On Demand listings by popularity, recently viewed, or alphabetically by title While browsing On Demand listings, tap the default option Popular in the upper right hand corner, located next to the gallery and list view, and choose an option.
Filter On Demand listings to show only select items available
  1. While browsing On Demand listings, tap Filter to narrow programming results. Multiple filters may be selected from the following available filters.
    • Available For Download
    • Available Out of Home
    • High Definition
    • Closed Captioning
    • Secondary Audio (SAP)

      Result: An indicator will display in the upper left corner showing any active Filters.
  2. Tap the indicator to clear the filter.
Change between gallery and list views While browsing On Demand listings, tap the View Controls in the upper right corner.
Lock or unlock a title from the series or movie Info screen

Note: The lock and unlock feature requires an active Parent Control PIN.

Tap Lock or Unlock.

  • Lock option displays when Parental Controls are turned on and a PIN exists.
  • Unlock option displays if content is locked by Parental Controls.

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