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Accept or Refuse an Interactive Ad Offer


Interactive program ads are banners displayed on the top or bottom third of a TV screen during a commercial or infomercial. The ad content relates to the content of the commercial or infomercial and displays within the first eight seconds of an ad. Use your Cox remote control to accept or refuse the offer.

  • Cox Communications does not run the ads. They are used by advertisers to promote products or services shown in the ads.
  • You may see other ads, such as the ones displayed at the bottom of the interactive program guide. You can use the program guide ads to go directly to information about a program as well as options to start viewing the program or record it to your DVR.
  • These ads are available as shortcuts for specific programs.
  • They are not the interactive ads you use to order information or free samples about products shown in commercials or infomercials.
Action Steps
Accept the offer
  1. Select YES to accept the offer.
  2. Select CONFIRM to confirm that you are interested, and asks for permission to share your household information so the free information or sample can be shipped to you.
    Result: Your household name and address are forwarded to a company that fulfills orders.
  • The household name and address are based on your service address with Cox Communications.
  • A third banner thanking you for your request and confirming that it has been sent will display.
  • The order is delivered by U.S. Postal Service within 15 days of the date you request it. The fulfillment company destroys your ordering information 45 days after the ad has stopped running on TV. Your household information is retained only in case your order needs to be verified, and it is not provided or sold to any other company.
Decline the offer

Complete one of the following.

  • Select No on the ad.
  • Select Exit on the ad.
  • Press the Exit button on the Cox remote.
  • Press the Menu button on the Cox remote.
  • Press the Channel Up or Channel Down button on the Cox remote to tune away from the channel with the ad.
  • Allow the ad to time out after 10 seconds of inactivity.

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