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About YouTube Kids


YouTube Kids on Contour 2 offers a safer and simpler way for kids to explore the world through online video. YouTube Kids includes shows, music and learning videos developed in a kid friendly environment. The YouTube Kids app enables you to perform the following.

  • Create up to eight profiles for kids with their own viewing preferences, video recommendation, and settings
  • Select Channel Collections on a variety of subjects from trusted YouTube Kids partners
  • Set up timers within the app to control how long your kids can use the app
  • Review Watch History allows parents to keep tabs on what your kids are watching


YouTube Kids requires the following information to use the app.

  • You must have a compatible Contour 2 receiver.
  • In the Contour 2 on-screen guide, content marked with the icon Internet icon counts towards your data usage. For more information, refer to Data Plan and Usage.
  • You must subscribe to any level of residential Cox Internet service and Contour 2.

For troubleshooting information, refer to Troubleshooting the Contour 2 Receiver App.

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