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About the Contour iHeartRadio App


You can access iHeartRadio directly from your Contour receiver giving you access to over 800 live radio stations with a large range of genres.

  • In the Contour on-screen guide, content marked with the icon Internet icon will count towards your data usage. For more information, refer to Understanding Data Usage.
  • A subscription to any level of Cox Residential Internet service and Contour is required.

Use the following table to learn more about the Contour iHeartRadio app.

Action Details
Sign Up iHeartRadio service offers quality radio that targets a wide variety of music. If you are not already an iHeartRadio member, visit iHeartRadio.com.

Note:You are not required to create an iHeartRadio account but will not be able to create or access a Favorites list.
Search across platforms Use the on-screen keyboard to search for favorite stations, artists, or shows within the app.
Note: Some stations may not be included from the Contour iHeartRadio app.
Mobile access You have access through the iHeartRadio app on any mobile device. For more information refer to iheartradio.com/help.
Parental control

The iHeartRadio app is rated TV-MA, the highest parental control rating available. Members who have Parent Controls active must enter your Parental Control PIN anytime the app is launched. For more information refer to Feature Locks in Managing Parental Control Locks with Contour

Note: The iHeartRadio app on the Contour receiver does not have parental controls that guard against new content searches or playback within the app.

iHeartRadio Features and Support

View the following support information about iHeartRadio. If you have additional questions, you can contact us or iheartradio.com/help.

  • The iHeartRadio app is a third-party app and restricts the Contour accessibity user preferences once the iHeartRadio app is launched.
    Note: The Voice Command feature does not work with the iHeartRadio app.
  • You can obtain more iHeartRadio information by visiting iheartradio.com/Help.

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