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About Netflix Billing


Netflix billing through Cox is available to select customers as a convenience. If you are susbcribed to Netflix using a credit card, then you continue to have access to Netflix from your Contour 2 receiver. To learn more about Netflix on Contour 2, refer to About the Contour 2 Netflix App.


  • Access a summary of your Netflix account status, plan, and charges by visiting Netflix.com/YourAccount.
  • Netflix membership pricing is controlled by Netflix.

Identifying Netflix Charges

As a Netflix subscriber through Cox, Netflix charges bill display under Other Service Provider. This includes the amount of the subscription charge and the date through which you have access to the Netflix service, as determined by Netflix.
Important: If you find that you have duplicate accounts set up, contact the Netflix Help Center.

Trial Period

New Netflix customers receive a free trial period determined by Netflix. The Netflix through Cox charge displays on your bill as $0.00 charge. Once the trial period is over, the membership charges display under Other Service Providers. For more information related to Netflix free trial, refer to the Netflix Help Center.

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