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Cox Straight Up internet prepaid service - all in with no surprises!

prepaid internet service

all in,
no surprises.
no annual contracts, no credit check.
3-year price guarantee*
Cox prepaid internet modem - free self installation

the way it
should be.

$50 means $50

No credit check. No hidden fees. 3-year price guarantee*

free wifi modem

Get a free wifi modem that's yours to keep. Really.

surf and stream on 3-5 devices

Up to 25 Mbps download speed – enough to have multiple streaming with no buffering.
come and go as you please.
Cox Straight Up Internet Prepaid Service

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StraightUp Internet FAQs

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What is Prepaid Internet?

Prepaid internet is where you pay for the internet service before you use it. With StraightUp Internet, you prepay for 1 month at a time - $50 flat fee with no hidden fees.

Prepaid internet is similar to prepaid calling cards or cell phones. With StraightUp Internet, you get 1 TB of data each month.

What does Powered by Cox mean?

We're powered by Cox, meaning your internet is backed by a connection you trust, while still getting consistent price with absolutely no strings attached. Pretty smart, right?

What do you mean by "no strings attached?" Am I really able to not commit to a long-term contract to purchase this internet?

That’s right! With StraightUp prepaid internet you can purchase internet on a monthly basis, without having to commit to a contract. You can choose to renew each month, or not—up to you! Because we're flexible like that.

How fast is the internet? How many devices can I use at once?

StraightUp Internet provides 25 Mbps download speed - that's enough to have multiple devices streaming at the same time with no buffering.

Do I need to purchase my own modem or will Cox provide it?

The modem is on us! We will provide a free refurbished dual band WiFi Modem.

How do I add another month of service?

Easily enjoy pay-as-you-go internet service. Log into My Account on Cox.com to add another month.

What if I want to automatically renew my internet each month - can I do that?

Yes! Log into My Account on Cox.com and signup for EasyPay.

Does StraightUp Internet include prepaid WiFi?

Yes, your service includes a dual-band WiFi modem, ensuring you can get reliable WiFi around your home.
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