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How to build the ultimate school-from-home workspace

When the pandemic first hit, things were a bit chaotic. Parents and kids were suddenly forced to combine work, school and life all under one roof. As a result, your kids may have taken their distance learning wherever there was room, such as the couch, their bedrooms or at the kitchen table. Now with another year of online learning approaching, it’s time to create a more permanent study space. The goal is to create a workspace that helps boost focus, promotes learning and creates structure. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate at-home classroom setup.

Create a comfortable homeschooling space

Kids tend to fidget and procrastinate getting to work. Discomfort will only perpetuate the issue. When designing an at-home study space, prioritize comfort. Everything from the chair they sit in to the lighting in the room should be adjusted to their preference. That means getting a chair that offers proper back support, lights to help them see without straining their eyes and a table with enough space for their computer and supplies. The more comfortable they are, the longer they will (hopefully) be able to sit and work.  

Minimize distraction when distance learning

Minimize distraction when distance learning

Kids with short attention spans can easily become distracted and fall behind on their classwork. Their study space should help eliminate noise and other distractions, such as pets, toys and screen time unrelated to online learning. Here’s what you can do:


  • Use a room divider: If you don’t have a separate room with a door to shut out distractions, use a room divider to create some separation from the rest of the house.
  • Provide noise-cancelling headphones: Between barking dogs and the neighbors working in the yard, noise can be distracting during homeschooling hours. Have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones available so your kids can focus on their classwork and tune out the noise.
  • Remove distractions: Keep their study space clean by removing toys, video games and other distractions from the area.
  • Limit screen time: If your kids are using the internet to take classes, they can easily begin playing online games or streaming movies when left unsupervised. Use parental control to block any sites not related to distance learning during designated school time.

Eliminate clutter from home classroom setup

Clutter can also serve as a distraction. Utilize storage bins and shelves to keep things organized and the workspace clear. Avoid having everything out at once and instead rotate supplies in for different activities. Items like toys, coloring books and other materials not needed for online learning should be removed from the workspace. Having your kids clean up after an activity is done or at the end of the school day can help keep their mind focused and get them in the habit of organizing their own space.


Optimize your internet connection for online learning

Optimize your internet connection for distance learning

A slow internet connection only delays your kids from getting to work. If you’re looking for a few tips on how to increase the wifi speeds, follow these suggestions:


  • Update your internet plan: A full household with parents working online and kids distance learning is going to need faster internet and a stronger connection. If your old plan isn’t keeping up with the new demands, upgrade it.
  • Disconnect devices not in use: Even when you’re not using a device it can still be taking up bandwidth if connected to your network. Make sure to disable any tablets, cameras and other wifi-enabled devices not in use during school hours.
  • Save large uploads for nighttime: Save bandwidth and pick up your internet speed during the day by saving large uploads for the evening when the internet is less in use.
  • Extend your wifi connection: If your kid’s workspace happens to be in an area of the house where the wifi connection is bad, ask your internet provider to add a wifi access point to that area of the house. Cox customers with panoramic wifi can add pods where the wifi connection is weak.

Personalize their study space

Every classroom should spark creativity, fun and education. A home study space shouldn’t be any different. Whether it’s the inside of their room divider, their desk or computer desktop, let your kids decorate their space in a way that excites them. They can put up artwork, decorate with stickers or change their computer background to pictures of the family. They can even choose a few accessories to make their workspace more fun, such as bean bag chairs to read on or a chalkboard to write reminders on. The more they enjoy their workspace, the more they’ll enjoy working in it.  


Take remote learning outdoors

Much like going to school, kids need to leave the classroom every once in a while to get some fresh air. Make sure to utilize your yard or any outdoor space you may have for physical activity, arts and crafts or other learning activities. If you don’t have an outdoor space, take a walk to a nearby park for some playtime. Take this opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of self-care, nutrition and exercise. Make the world their classroom and you’ll find that distance learning can go beyond the home as well.

Get the speeds you need for smooth teleconferencing with wifi for high-demand households  

Get the speeds you need for smooth teleconferencing with wifi for high-demand households

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