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Understand how devices in your home affect speed​

Experiencing slow internet? We'll dive into how your devices could be affecting your speed and how to measure it.

Multiple devices connected to a router

Do routers affect internet speed?

Routers & Your Internet Speed:
Your router acts as a traffic manager for all devices.​ Its efficiency is paramount.​

Quality Matters: Modern routers maximize speed. Outdated ones might limit your connection.​

Distance & Obstacles: Speed drops if your router is too far from devices or near large objects that can hinder the signal.​

Plan Limits: A router can't exceed the speed of your paid plan.​

Upgrade If Needed: Old routers can significantly limit speed. For instance, a 500 Mbps plan on an N300 router might lose out on 200 Mbps. Ensure compatibility to get what you pay for.​

*Already a Cox customer and need to upgrade your equipment? Check out the Panoramic Wifi Upgrade Program

Do modems affect internet speed?​

The same concept of the router applies to a modem – low-tier or older modems will have speed limitations. Older or outdated modems may not be capable of supporting the speeds offered on your internet plan.

A speed test can help determine whether your modem is what’s causing your connection to slow down. If the results show it’s time for an upgrade, contact your internet service provider to get a list of compatible options for your plan. Providers like Cox offer a Panoramic Wifi Gateway that combines a router and modem into one with the latest technology for reliable, full-home coverage.

If your modem and router are up to date but you still aren’t seeing the speeds, your wireless devices may be the issue. Just like your router and modem, every wireless device has a different limit of how much speed it can support. If you have a smartphone or laptop that supports wifi 5, but you’ve upgraded your router to wifi 6 technology, you won’t be seeing the speed increase on those devices.

Modems & Your Connection​

Much like routers, modems also have their speed limits:​

  • Aging Modems: Older modems might not support your plan's full speed.​
  • Test Your Speed: If slow, consider upgrading your modem. Cox offers combined router-modem solutions like the Panoramic Wifi Gateway.​

Mismatched Wireless Tech​

Your device's wireless compatibility matters:​


  • Using a Wi-Fi 5 device on a Wi-Fi 6 router? You won't be able to enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 until you upgrade your device.​

Do Wi-Fi Boosters Help?​

Wi-Fi extenders give direct network access, meaning lesser interference:​


  • Internet providers like Cox offer Panoramic Wifi Pods to ensure consistent speed throughout your home.​

Smart Devices & Your Speed

Your smart home might be smart, but is it speed-friendly?:​


  • Numerous Devices: Cameras, lights, locks – they all use bandwidth. Ensure you've got enough to support all of your connected devices.​
  • Outdated Devices: They might hog bandwidth and slow others down. Regular updates or upgrades can help improve the connection between these devices.

Experience lightning-fast browsing and seamless streaming with Gigabit Internet from Cox.

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