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The visual guide to better gaming performance [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve created this simple guide to help gamers improve their overall gaming experience. These tips will help you identify and troubleshoot issues resulting from lag and high latency. Learn how you can turn your home network into an ideal gaming utopia!

Get a better, more reliable gaming connection with Elite Gamer

Reduce the lag that stands in your way of winning. 

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When it comes to gaming, ping matters. Find out how to test your ping, so you can improve gaming performance.

What is latency for gaming and how to improve it

Are you experiencing annoying delays during gaming sessions? Discover how you can lower your latency.

Optimize your computer and router for gaming performance

How you set up your home network can have a huge impact on your online gaming experience. Convert your PC into a gaming machine with these performance-tuning tips.

What is a gaming VPN (GPN) and do I need one?

Learn about Cox’s Gaming Private Network (GPN), how it differs from VPNs, and the lag reduction effect it has on online multiplayer PC games.