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What everyone should do immediately after a move

After you’ve moved from one place to another, there’s still a lot to do before settling into your new home. Finding out where everything goes, learning how your new home functions and prioritizing what projects you want to tackle are just some of the challenges. However, some things are better to do right away. Here are some of the tasks that should go on the top of your to-do list immediately after you move.

Change your address when you move

First things first, you can change your address at your local post office or with online forms. You don’t want to worry about having your mail or deliveries going to the wrong address after you’ve moved. Simply visit your local post office in person or online to submit a change of address form. You’ll also want to:

  • Update your billing and shipping address online: If you have online banking, monthly subscriptions or you order items online via sites like Amazon, make sure to update your billing and shipping address as soon as possible to avoid missing items.

  • Get a new driver’s license and update car registration: If you’ve moved to a new state, you’ll need to update your car registration and you won’t be able to do so without a new driver’s license. Set an appointment to make both changes during the same visit.

  • Update voter’s registration: At your car registration appointment you can also update your voter’s registration. Fill out your voter registration paperwork so you can get your ballot in the mail.

Unpack the essentials

Moving - Unpacking boxes after move

It’s hard to settle into a new home when everything is still in boxes. Hopefully you labeled all your boxes so you can easily pull out the most essential items as soon as you arrive. Start unpacking whatever items you use on a daily basis first, like:

  • Kitchenware: Organize the flow of your kitchen by placing all your appliances, utensils and dishware. Start creating memories in your new home with a family dinner right away.

  • Home office equipment: Need to start work immediately? Get your home office ready for the work week. Most importantly, you’ll want to check that your internet connection is working properly. You’ll also want to consider asking your internet service provider about whole house wifi for a consistent connection throughout your home, so you don’t have to worry about where your home office is going to go.

  • Daily products: Pull out items such as toothbrushes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, medications and anything else you use as part of your regular routine.

  • Bedding: Avoid sleeping on a bare mattress or the couch by making your bed as soon as you arrive for a good night’s rest.

Plan where your items will go

Whether you’re moving into a bigger space or a smaller one, your furniture and other items may not go exactly where they did in your last home. Start taking measurements of the area and create a list of any new items you’ll need. Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  • Large furniture: Couches, big screen TVs, tables and beds can all be challenging to relocate. If you have movers or friends helping you, have a plan for where you want these larger items to go, so you’re not having to do the heavy lifting yourself later.

  • Router: Where you place your internet router and modem matters. Too many obstacles, like walls, appliances or furniture, can actually interfere with your wifi signal. If you don’t have a mesh network for whole house coverage, consider finding a central location for a stronger connection throughout the house.

  • Home office and learning space: With working from home and distance learning being a new standard, designated workspaces around the house should be a priority. Make sure you and your kids are ready to work by assembling desks, unpacking office materials and ensuring your wifi connection is strong where you need it.

Set up your wifi network

Moving - Setting up wifi network

Help ensure that you have consistent coverage throughout your home to allow for entertainment, working from home or distance learning. Here’s how you can best set up your wifi network:

  • Centralize your router: Install your modem and router in a centralized location away from any hard surfaces that can interfere with the signal.

  • Keep away from obstacles: Placing your router as high as possible and away from large appliances, such as stoves, TV sets and laundry units, can help ensure you have a strong signal.

  • Update your network name and password: Create a secure network and password to keep unwanted users from accessing your internet.

  • Consider wifi extenders for large homes or hard-to-reach signal areas.

Moving to a Cox service area? Learn about Panoramic wifi and all the options to ensure you have a strong wifi signal throughout your entire home.

Locate the fuse box and water valve

You don’t want to wait for a fire or water leak to occur before you know where the fuse box and water valve are. In case of emergency, you’ll want to know exactly where to go to turn the power or water off.

Install a home security system

A lot is unknown when you move into a new neighborhood. Install a home security system for added peace of mind. With a smart security camera, you can easily monitor your home from wherever you are via a smart device. Service providers like Cox can conveniently help you install your internet, wifi and smart home services all at once so you can get peace of mind that much faster.

Moving to a Cox service area? Learn about Homelife smart home security and automation options. Cox Homelife.

Seamlessly transfer service, or get setup with new service, before you move.

Seamlessly transfer service, or get setup with new service, before you move.

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