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Contour 1: DVR

Never miss a show again. Follow these tips to learn how to set up your Contour DVR, manage your settings, and record shows.

Cox: Record 6 Whole Home DVR Service

Record 6 Whole Home DVR Service

With Record 6 DVR Whole Home Service, you can record any six shows at once and store up to 1,000 hours of programming.

If you have your Record 6 DVR set up for a whole home network, family members can watch saved programs from any television set with a receiver in your home—even those not directly connected to a DVR. Up to three Record 6 DVRs can be networked together with any combination of DVRs or HD receivers, as long as there is at least one Record 6 DVR.

Connect Any TV to Your Record 6 Whole Home DVR Network to:

  • Play a recorded program
  • Replay favorite recorded scenes
  • Fast-forward to the next scene of a recorded program
  • Delete the program once you have finished
  • Set up a new recording
  • Start watching a show in one room and resume in another
  • Pause Live TV from any TV

Multiple DVRs

Connect up to three Record 6 DVRs for maximum storage and convenience.

Naming Your DVRs

Your receiver can be named in the Settings Menu to differentiate it from other DVRs in your home network.

Cox: Multiple DVRs

Helpful Hints:

  • Pause Live TV for up to three hours. Any VCR-like function performed will reset the time period.
  • When you pause a program on a non-DVR receiver, you can rewind only to the point where the program was paused.
  • Using the on your remote automatically rewinds seven seconds in case you fast-forward too far through a commercial.
  • Live TV can only be rewound back to when you started watching the channel.
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