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Advanced TV: Parental Controls

Protecting your kids from specific channels or programming is easy with Advanced TV Parental Controls.

Helpful Hint:

Previously set up PINs will remain the same. If you have not previously set up a PIN, there may be a default PIN of 0000.

Access Parental Controls

Press to display Settings

Display more settings for all settings option


Image: Advanced TV Remote

Establishing your Parental Control PIN

Highlight Parental Controls

Highlight Change PIN

  1. Enter your previously set-up PIN, default PIN is 0000.
  2. Set up new PIN. You will enter 4-digit PIN twice.


Display Initial PIN Setup

  1. Display status list.
  2. Display Locking Status Options.
  3. Highlight Change PIN.
  4. Push Select.
  5. Push A and set up a PIN. You will enter 4-digit PIN twice.

Important Information

  1. Once you unlock a channel or program, ALL blocked channels and programs are unlocked until you:
  2. Power receiver off, then on again
  1. Manually turn Parental Controls back on:
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Turn on Parental Controls.
  4. Enter PIN. After you enter your PIN, all blocks will be restored.
Image: Important Information

Customize Parental Control Settings

Depending on box type, you may need to do these steps first:

  • Display more settings for all settings options
  • Highlight Parental Controls
  • Display status list
  • Highlight a category such as Locked Channels or Locked Ratings
  • Display category options
  • Highlight an option
  • Select the option to lock or unlock

Activate Parental Control Settings

  • Display Settings
  • Highlight Active Parental Controls
  • Press Select and enter your PIN
  • Accept a confirmation

Customize Parental Control Settings

  • Display Settings
  • Display more settings for all settings options
  • Highlight Purchasing
  • Display status/option list


  • Select Locking Status
  • Highlight Enable
  • Select Enable and enter your PIN Depending on box type: SELECT or ^ to accept confirmation


  • Display Locking Status Options
  • Highlight On
  • Set up a PIN, Enter 4-digit PIN number twice Depending on box type: SELECT or ^ to accept confirmation
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