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Catch up in crystal-clear fashion

Introducing Cox Voice

Home digital telephone service

Cox Digital Telephone® provides crystal-clear, reliable calling and over ten of the top phone features. All Cox Digital Telephone customers can enjoy unlimited local calling and have peace of mind with e911, which allows emergency responders to pinpoint your exact location when you dial 911.

A new home voice service

A new home voice service is here! Enjoy all the advanced features you want including High Definition sound, the ability to set up incoming home phone calls to also ring on your cell phone or office phone, and now you can block annoying robocalls. As always, enjoy unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Phone features

If you're looking for the best home phone company, check out all our features that make Cox Digital Phone better than your old landline phone.

TV caller ID

(with TV subscription)

Cox Voice features

Check out all of the features Cox Voice has to offer.

TV caller ID

(with TV subscription)

Phone Tools & apps

Voice Tools & apps

Mobile phone with Cox Connect app screen open from Phone Tools dashboard with call list on screen representing the easy way to manage your home phone service and features both at home and on-the-go with the Cox Connect mobile app

Cox Connect app


Take your home phone service with you wherever you go with the Cox Connect app:


  • View the inbound and outbound call history for each phone line on the account. Plus, easily call the numbers back or send a message (mobile provider voice and data rates may apply)
  • Listen to voice mails and read the written transcription for each line
  • Adjust phone settings like enabling/disabling voice mail, enabling/disabling call waiting, and configuring call forwarding for each line

To get started, download the app and sign in with your My Account login:

Mobile phone with voicemail from Mom transcript using Cox Voice Everywhere app on screen representing Cox Voice Everywhere App

Cox Voice Everywhere app


Take your home phone service with you wherever you go with the Voice Everywhere App:


  • Make and receive calls using your Cox phone number over WiFi or Cellular data
  • Access your call history, contacts, and voicemails
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneous users
  • Access the app from a cellular network capable iOS or Android device with WiFi or cellular data connection
Mobile phone with Cox Voice home phone settings on screen

Voice Tools


Manage your phone service 24/7 from anywhere on all your devices with Voice Tools:


  • See all incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Listen to voice mail messages and read text transcriptions
  • Adjust settings for voice mail, call waiting, and more

Sign in to Voice Tools on cox.com using your My Account login.

Don't have a My Account login? Register now

Additional phone details

Additional Cox Voice details



  • Friends and family can leave messages when you’re on the other line or away from home
  • Access your messages anytime, anywhere with Phone Tools  
  • Read a voicemail transcript when you're in a meeting or at an event

Long distance & assistance


  • Enhanced 911 automatically provides your number and location to your local dispatcher in case of emergency

Equipment & battery


  • The eMTA included with your Cox service combines the functionality of a WiFi modem and phone adapter into one device
  • Make sure your phone handset uses DECT 6.0 technology to take full advantage of the HD Voice feature
  • Batteries installed in each piece of telephone equipment in your home will keep you connected during a power outage (Batteries are available for purchase at any Cox Solutions Store or when you order Cox Voice)

See Cox Digital Telephone service details. See important Cox Digital Telephone Power Outage usage information. See important information in the Residential Customer Service Agreement for full coverage details. See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. For all Cox Communication policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.