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Getting Started

Welcome to Homelife! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Homelife to help you improve the comfort, convenience and control of your home. With Cox Homelife Automation, everything you need to make your home safer, more efficient and easier to manage is at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits of Homelife Automation:

  • Conserve energy and save money by setting your thermostat, lights and small appliances on a schedule.
  • Create Rules to control multiple features - lights, thermostats, cameras - when certain activities are detected, like "turn on the hall lamp when the front door is unlocked after sunset".
  • View the live camera feed or recorded video clips to check in on your pets during the day.
  • Get notifications via text or email when certain events are triggered in your home.

A new day of customized control is here. With Homelife’s many features and accessibility options, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Image: Homelife Features Monitor

Keep an eye on your home with HD cameras and text/email alerts. Set up automations to receive texts or email notifications when certain events are triggered in your home, such as when equipped doors are opened or when your system mode changes. View live camera feeds through your Cox Homelife mobile app to check on your pets during the day, or access motion-detected video recordings 24 hours a day for the most recent ten days with the optional Continuous Video Recording (CVR) subscription.

Image: Homelife Features Control

Conserve energy and stay in control of your home on demand, or with scheduled automations while you're away: turn lights on and off, set thermostat schedules, control small appliances and more. Or create automations to control your connected devices when certain events are detected such as “turn on the hall light when the front door opens after sunset.”

IMPORTANT: Cox Homelife Automation does not include professional security monitoring of your home. If you would like to inquire about upgrading to Cox Homelife Security + Automation, including 24-hour professional security monitoring, and battery and cellular backup, please speak with one of our Cox Sales professionals.

Accessing Your System

The Cox Homelife mobile app is used to view your home’s status, control your devices and manage your system. You can view live camera feeds, monitor activity, setup and manage automations, and more. And if a sensor or installed device experiences a trouble, you will be notified within the mobile app.

Mobile App

  1. Download the free Cox Homelife mobile app from Apple iTunes or Google Play store onto your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Sign in using your Homelife Username and Password.

Note: If you forget your Username or Password, you can reset them by tapping Help on the Sign In screen.

Managing Your System

The Cox Homelife mobile app makes it easy to view and manage your system from anywhere. Learn how to change modes, view system activity and manage settings.


The current system mode is displayed on your Overview screen. Use different modes to customize your automations and notifications. To change your mode, tap the Mode tile and select the desired mode.

Home (Default) – People are home and active

Away – The home is not occupied

Night – The home is occupied and no activity is expected

Vacation – The home will be unoccupied for an extended period of time

Animation showing a user changing Modes in the Homelife app

Viewing System Activity

Tap the Activity menu to see your system’s activity, which may include:

  • Camera Motion
  • Door Locks
  • Saved Pictures/Video Clips
  • Mode Changes
  • Troubles
  • Zones/Sensors

You can search and filter results by type of activity, or by date up to 30 days in the past.

Animation of user filtering activity to show Mode changes only

Account Settings

To access and manage your account settings, tap the More menu.

  • Select Manage Devices to add, edit and connect to devices.
  • Select Account to change your Username or Password, or view daily storage quotas.
  • Select Contacts to add or edits your Homelife contacts.
  • Select Application to make changes to your Homelife mobile app setting such as sounds and sign-in preferences.
Homelife mobile app contacts screen showing the name, address, and ability to change username and password
Image: Getting Started With Homelife

See Cox Homelife service details. See important information in the Residential Customer Service Agreement for full coverage details. See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. For all Cox Communication policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.

Cox Homelife Service provided by Cox Advanced Services: Arizona, LLC - ALARM License No. 18141-0, ROC License No. 310876; Arkansas, LLC – License No. E 2014 0026/CMPY.0002278; California, LLC–Alarm License #7196 & Contractor’s License #992992; Connecticut, LLC–License #N/A; Florida, LLC–License No. EF20001232; Georgia, LLC–License: Bryan David Melancon #LVU406595; Idaho, LLC 024933; Iowa, LLC– License #C121646 & AC268; Louisiana, LLC–License F 2006; Nebraska, LLC–License #26512; Nevada, LLC dba Cox Homelife – License #78331; Ohio, LLC–License #53-18-1671; Oklahoma, LLC–License #2002; Rhode Island, LLC–License #9314; Kansas, LLC – Topeka License No. 109 & Wichita License No. 2015-36492; and Cox Advanced Services Virginia, LLC–DCJS License #11-7776; DPOR License # 2705164725.

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