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Customizing Your Homelife

Personalize your experience by deciding how you want your Cox Homelife Automation system to work for you.

Your House, Your Rules

Homelife Automations allow you to automatically control all the connected devices in your home, making your home safer, more efficient and easier to manage. There are two types of automations.

  • RULES: Automations that activate automatically at a specific time of day, when device status changes or when your alarm system status changes.
  • SCENES: Automations that control multiple smart devices in your home all at once and are manually activated by the user.

You can set up real-time notifications for your automations to stay connected with what's happening at home while you're away. Notifications can be sent via text message. Notifications, pictures and video clips can be sent via email. Be sure to set up Contacts for anyone who should receive Homelife notifications.

Homelife mobile app showing a good morning scene and rules like turning on lights at sunset

Favorite Automations

Combine device event triggers with automation actions and modes to create personalized automations. Here are a few of our favorite examples:*


  • Icon: Lamp
  • Icon: Lock

Illuminate your homecoming by turning on a light when you unlock your door.

  • Icon: Video
  • Icon: Motion sensor
  • Icon: Child sensor

See the kids arrive home safely from school via an emailed video clip when the front door opens during certain times of the day.

  • Icon: Lamp
  • Icon: Suitcase

Turn connected lights on and off at various times during the evening when your system is set to Vacation mode.

  • Icon: Lamp
  • Icon: Motion sensor

Turn on a lamp when your motion detector or camera’s motion sensor senses you getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink, and turn off automatically five minutes later.

  • Icon: Lamp
  • Icon: Child sensor

Use a Smart LED Light Bulb as a night light in a child’s room by setting it to come on at bedtime dimmed to 10% brightness, and turn off at sunrise.

  • Icon: Lock
  • Icon: Night

Rest easy knowing your doors are locked when you go to bed by automatically locking your doors each night at a specific time.

  • Icon: Text
  • Icon: Lock

Keep track of comings and goings in your home from anywhere by receiving a text message when doors are locked or unlocked.


  • Icon of a sun breaking through clouds

Good Morning: Set your system to Home mode, turn on your lights and adjust your thermostat.

  • Icon of a man walking away from a house

Leaving: Set your system to Away mode, turn off your lights and adjust your thermostat.

  • Icon of a man in a house

Returning Home: Set your system to Home mode, turn on your lights, unlock front door and adjust your thermostat.

  • Moon and Stars Icon

Good Night: Set your system to Night mode, lock your doors, turn off your lights and adjust your thermostat.


Away from home? Don’t worry about checking in. Homelife has you covered. With Cox Homelife, you can set Alerts so that you get notified any time certain features of your Homelife Automation system change.

Need backup? You can also send Alerts to your Homelife contacts for certain system changes and active automations.

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

  • Receive a text message any time your Homelife Automation mode changes from Home, Stay, Away, or Vacation.
  • Receive a text message when your doors or windows open.
  • Get an email with a picture or video clip when your camera detects motion.
  • Send your Homelife Automation contacts a text when your Rules are activated.

Learn How to Set Up Rules

Here's how to create Rules that make your home work for you.

  1. Sign in to your Cox Homelife mobile app

  2. Set up your Contacts:
    Tap the More tab and select Contacts

    Homelife mobile app showing Contacts as an option in the More menu
  3. Add a new Rule:
    Go to the Automation menu and then tap the (+) icon in the top right corner

    Homelife mobile app screen showing a plus icon in the upper right hand corner
  4. Select Rules in the top navigation and then tap Create Custom

    • When my system mode changes
    • When a sensor detects something
    • When a certain time of day occurs
  5. Select the Event that will trigger the Rule (When this happens…), such as:

    • A time of day (Set Time)
    • Motion detected (Motion Sensors)
    • A door sensor opens (Doors)
  6. Select the Event that will happen (Do this…), such as:

    • Turn on a light (Lights)
    • Notify you via text or email (Notify)
    • Take a picture or video clip (Cameras)
  7. Select days, times, or system modes when you want the Rule to be active (optional)

  8. Add additional Home Mode status triggers

  9. Choose the device action you would like to automate, and then select from your list of devices that can apply that action

  10. Tap Save when done. You can modify your Rule at any time by selecting that Rule, selecting the triggers, and adjusting the conditions

  11. You can turn your Rules on and off any time by selecting that Rule and tapping the Rule On/Rule Off button.

    Homelife mobile app screen showing a toggle button to use a rule
  12. You can delete your Rule at any time by selecting your Rule, scrolling to the bottom of the screen and tapping the Delete button

Learn How to Set Up Scenes

Here’s how to create Scenes that control multiple smart devices with a single tap.

  1. Sign in to your Cox Homelife Mobile App.

  2. Add a new Scene:

    Tap the Automation tab and then tap Create Scene.

    Homelife Mobile App showing a button with a plus sign and create scene verbiage
  3. Build Your Scene:

    Here you can choose from several preset scenes or scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Create Custom to build your own scene.

  4. Identify Your Scene:

    Identify your scene by tapping the edit (pencil) icon next to My Scene. Enter a new name and select an icon for your scene, and tap Save.

    Homelife Mobile App animation showing a user editing the name and icon for a new scene
  5. Add Devices:

    Tap Add Device to add different devices to your Scene. Choose the device you want to add and tap Next.

    Homelife Mobile App animation showing a list of device options to select
  6. Customize Device Automations:

    Customize your automations by selecting a device and following the on-screen prompts.

  7. Save Your Scene:

    Tap Save when you're done. All Scenes will show up in the My Scenes section of the Automation tab and on your Overview screen.

  8. Activate Your Scene:

    To activate a Scene, simply tap the icon on your Overview screen and all associated device actions will start at that time. Scenes will not activate until you manually tap the desired Scene icon.

  9. Edit/Delete Your Scene:

    You can edit or delete a Scene by tapping the three dots, making edits to the Scene’s features, or tapping Delete from My Scenes at the bottom of the screen.

Set Thermostat Schedules

Improve the comfort and efficiency of your home with thermostat schedules that adjust the temperature automatically each day.

  1. Sign in to your Cox Homelife Mobile App.
  2. Select Your Thermostat:

    Select the thermostat you would like to manage. Make real-time changes to your settings, or create an automated schedule.

    Note: You can make real-time changes to your thermostat temperature by tapping (+) or (-).

    Homelife showing how to adjust thermostat
  3. Create an Automated Schedule :
    Select Schedule to add a new schedule or modify an existing schedule for the selected thermostat. Schedules can be added or modified for any day of the week by selecting that day and adjusting the set points.

    Homelife mobile app showing the days of the week and different temperatures at different times
  4. Modify Your Schedule:

    Choose the day(s) you would like to manage your thermostat schedule. Tap Add Set Points, then select the desired temperature and time.

    Homelife mobile app showing the days of the week and different temperatures at different times
  5. Save and Enable your Schedule :

    Tap Save to save your new schedule. Go back to your Thermostat view and tap the Use Schedule toggle in the top right corner to enable your schedule (button turns blue when enabled).

    Homelife mobile app showing the days of the week and different temperatures at different times
Image: Customize Your System
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