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Cox Connect App

Cox Connect is a free app that’s available on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices. It puts the power to view and pay your bill, access features and settings related to your services, and get support at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Image: Account Control at your fingertips.

Getting Started

First, download the Cox Connect app and sign in with your My Account login. Don't have a My Account login? No problem. Register in a few simple steps.

Have StraightUp Internet? Upon signing in to the Cox Connect app, you'll be directed to My Account on cox.com to manage your account and access features.

Image: Cox Connect App Icon

App Features

The Cox Connect app puts you in control of dozens of features across all of your Cox services all in one place. Let’s take a look at some of the available features.

Home Screen

After signing in to the app, you'll arrive at the home screen with a snapshot of your bill, connection status and other features. To change what you see on your home screen, tap Settings in the main menu, tap Dashboard Configuration, and tap each item you'd like to toggle on or off.

Image: Cox Connect Home Screen

Bill Amount Due

See your current bill amount and the due date, plus easily make a one-time payment. Tap Billing Options for previous statements, recent activity, payment methods and more.

Voice Tools

See how many missed calls and voicemails you have, and tap the icons to conveniently jump to those areas in Voice Tools (or the Voice Everywhere app if you have Cox Voice).

Store Locator

See the closest Cox store and get directions from your current location.

WiFi Hotspots

See the closest free WiFi Hotspot and get directions from your current location.

Temporary cards may appear on your home screen to share timely information, such as known network outages and upcoming appointments. Learn More ›

Get the Most Important Information for Your Services

Some features only display upon signing in when it's most pertinent to you and your services.

Image: Cox Connect App Home Screen Showing an Outage Alert

If there is a known network outage in your area, you'll see a red alert message at the top of your home screen. You can sign up to receive a SMS text notification when the outage is resolved. Do not attempt to reboot your equipment until the outage is resolved.

Data Usage Meter

If you've used more than 85% of your allotted data in your current cycle, the data usage meter will appear on your home screen. If you exceed 100%, the meter will turn red. For peace of mind, you can add on to your data plan.

Image: Cox Connect App Screen Showing the Situational Data Usage Meter
Image: Cox Connect App Home Screen Showing an Upcoming Appointment

View the scheduled date and time of your service appointment. Within an hour of your window, the main dashboard will show you the ETA of the service agent. Tap Manage Appointment to change the appointment time or cancel the appointment.

Equipment Tracking

If you placed an order for new equipment, conveniently see the order number and status—from processing, to shipped, to delivered—right on your home screen.

Quick Access to Sections and Features

Did you know you can jump directly to a section or feature in the app? In iOS, firmly press (but don't hold) the app icon on your home screen, and the app's main menu will appear for you to choose where you'd like to go. In Android, press and hold the app icon on your home screen, and a short menu will appear for you to select from.

Managing Push Notifications

Push notifications from the Cox Connect app keep you up-to-date on your services, even when the app isn't open! Get timely reminders about upcoming shows, information about included features, and more.


Are you a Cox Homelife customer? Download the Homelife mobile app to arm or disarm your system, lock or unlock doors, view camera feeds, control lights and thermostats, update system configurations and more!

Download the app and take a tour:

Note: You will sign in with the Username and Password set up during your Homelife installation.
Image: Homelife