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Learn how to read and pay your Cox bill, manage payment options and sign up for paperless statements and EasyPay recurring payments.

View & Pay Your Bill

Understanding Your Cox Bill

Cox bills all customers in advance for the normal monthly services charges, and you should receive a bill approximately every 30 days. Usage based charges, such as On Demand purchases and long distance calling, and partial charges for a change in service will be reflected in the next month's bill.

You can choose between the three delivery options listed below. Large print and braille statements are also available as a part of our commitment to providing further accessibility for all our services.

  1. Paperless Bill — when a new bill is ready, you’ll receive an email with the balance and due date and a link to view the detailed bill in My Account. Plus, help the environment in the process by saving trees! Go Paperless ›
  2. Mailed Summary Bill — a brief bill containing your balance, due date, changes to your bill, and other key information will be mailed to the address of your choice each month.
  3. Mailed Detail Bill — a full detailed bill will be mailed to your address of choice each month.

Hover over the numbers below to learn about each section of the Cox bill.

Bill Print Date

Indicates the date your Cox Bill was printed.

Important Account Details

Includes important account details such as your account number and Cox Pin.

Note: Your Cox Pin is used to access your account when you chat with us online, create your Cox.com account, or call us for support.

Account Balance and Payments

Your previous balance and any payments received since your last bill. The previous balance is the total balance due when your last bill printed, and does not include any changes you may have made since then.

Remaining Previous Balance

The previous balance due, less any payments or adjustments. Does not reflect credits applied to your account as a result of changes in service.

Note: If you made a change in your service or received a credit since your last bill, credits may appear in the New Charges section and your bill will reflect a remaining previous balance.

New Charges

Summary of transactions since your last bill. This may be TV, Internet, Homelife, or Telephone Service, any Bundle Savings you receive, One Time Charges, such as installation fees or service appointments, and charges or credits for partial month of service.

Total Charges

This is your total charges section. A summary of the new charges, due date, and total due are listed here.

Important News Info

Important information such as upcoming previews, TV lineup changes, and other news are located in this section. Longer messages will continue in the News from Cox section of your bill.

Bill Changes and Reminders

Changes on your bill will include a reminder of recent upgrades or downgrades in service or when a Service Agreement expires on your account.

Payment Remit Slip

This is your detachable payment remit slip, which you should include with your check or money order. It provides a snapshot of your Account Information including Service Address, Charges Due, and Due Date. You can utilize this slip to make your payment at a retail kiosk or mail it in with a check.

Your Monthly Services

It includes the details of charges that you will see every month, unless you make a change in your service. Services such as Cox Homelife, Contour TV, or Cox High Speed Internet display here.

Important Service Info

Underneath the service title, a message displays to provide important details specific to that individual service. This may include details around a change in the service we are providing, such as the channels we offer, or an increase in the speed of our Internet service.

Your Package Details

Here is where you can see the details of what is in your package. Each individual service displays the features of the package you receive.

Other Fees and Surcharges

Other Fees and Surcharges are included within the TV section of your Cox Bill. These fees and surcharges are imposed by Cox and not a government required Charge, Tax, or Fee. The fees and surcharges are separate from other TV charges.

Telephone Number

If you have Cox Digital Telephone service, your telephone number appears within the details of your Cox Bill.

Taxes and Other Fees

Many Cox services are assessed federal, state, local taxes and fees. Some states assess more taxes and fees than others.

Important Account Info

Important information regarding your account, and the services we offer may display in the News from Cox section of your Cox Bill. This is where any message that continues from the Summary Page displays.

Take Control of your Bill with My Account

Managing and paying your bill online via My Account or the Cox Connect app can save you time, money and trees. Features of online billing include:

  • 24/7 access across all your devices
  • View up to 18 months of past statements
  • View recent activity (pending & processed payments)
  • Make a one-time immediate or scheduled payment
  • Manage payment methods: electronic check from your savings or checking account, debit card, or credit card
  • Standard debit and credit cards are accepted

    Image: cards accepted - Star, NYCE, Pulse, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
  • Enroll in Paperless Billing & EasyPay recurring payments

Go to My Bill

Paperless Billing

Join Cox in our efforts to protect the environment by opting for paperless billing. Receiving and paying your bills online is a small change that can make a big impact.

Go Paperless
Image: Cox Conserves Logo
Image: EasyPay Logo


Change the way you pay your Cox bill. Sign up for EasyPay and automatically pay your bill each month through your bank account or credit card. It's automatic, secure and effortless.

Set Up EasyPay

How to Make an Online Payment

Make a one-time payment online on your own schedule in just a matter of minutes with these simple steps:

  1. Select "Pay Now" from the My Account dashboard or cox.com/mybill
  2. Select the amount—either the amount due or a different amount—you'd like to pay
  3. Select your payment method—electronic check (checking or savings account) or a card (debit or credit)
  4. Select your payment date—either today or on a date before your due date
  5. For worry-free billing, enroll in EasyPay recurring payments (optional)
  6. Review your payment details, check the Terms and Conditions box, and submit your payment
*For most services added, you are only charged starting the date of activation. If you remove a service, you are no longer charged from the date you request the change or return the equipment.