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Benefits of a Cox User ID

How a Cox User ID can work for you

Sun's setting. It's been a long day. You're away on a business trip ready to settle in for the night, but you realize that you missed last night's music competition episode. And then it hits you — "I can watch it online”.

Now, with your Cox User ID and Password and a few clicks, you can catch up on missed episodes of favorite shows – even catch live news and sports anytime, and anywhere.

But that's not the only starring role available when you create a User ID and Password. The benefits abound. Not only can you watch up to 90 channels of live TV on your tablet or iPhone, you can also manage your account, pay bills online, access webmail, even check voice messages and set your DVR remotely.

Register with Cox.com

Establishing your Cox User ID is an easy two-step process - confirmation and creation.

Step 1: Confirmation

To confirm your account, visit the Cox.com Home Page, click My Account at the top of the page, and click No Account? Register Now! link.

In the Confirm your Cox Services section, fill in the following five fields:

  • 16-digit Account Number
  • 4-digit Cox Pin (or last 4-digits of your SSN)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Code letters in the box under Last Name

Click Continue

Step 2: Creation

In the Create your Cox User ID section, fill out the following four fields:

  • User ID
  • New Password / Re-enter New Password
  • Secret Answer to your selected Secret Question / Re-enter Secret Answer
  • Preferred Email / Re-enter Preferred Email
NOTE: An incorrect or invalid email address may prevent you from receiving important notices, or completing the online bill payment process.

Review the Privacy Policy, and then click Submit.

With your Cox ID, visit the Cox.com home page and click on the Sign In button located at the top of the page to access all the great online features Cox offers.

Cox User ID Benefits

See Contour TV service details. See also Contour TV Purchased Content details. See important information in the Residential Customer Service Agreement for full coverage details. See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. See also the Annual Customer Notices. See important Cox Digital Telephone Power Outage usage information. For all Cox Communication policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.
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