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CONVERGE | Technology

How a Break-In Led to a Break-Through

September 25, 2020

Here's how Cox Homelife Security helped us feel safe again after a home invasion.


Last spring, my family went through something no one ever wants to experience — a break-in. It was in the middle of the day, and no one got hurt, but from then on, we were on high alert. We realized how vulnerable our family was, and how easy it was to get into our house, even when we locked all the doors and windows. We looked into several home security systems, but it wasn't until we found Cox Homelife that we finally started to feel safe again.


Outfit Your Home


One of the things I loved about Cox Homelife Security right away was their wide array of gadgets. The standard package includes an HD camera, two door/window sensors and a motion sensor. You can further customize your package by adding additional security and automation products, like:


  • Smart door locks
  • Glass-breaking sensors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Water/flood sensors
  • Smart LED Light Bulbs
  • Smart Thermostat


With so much high-tech equipment protecting our home, we didn't just feel safer — we felt like a band of international spies. We could now monitor our house from anywhere, anytime. If a mouse tried to get in through the basement window, we'd know about it. 


Get Surveillance


Having our devices in place gave us a sense of freedom — the HD cameras allow us to view live video clips of front-door activity, like home deliveries, or when our kids get home from school. We can also have photos or videos automatically emailed to us when certain systems activate. If one of the motion sensors detects something, we'll be notified immediately. 


But what really gave us peace of mind was gaining access to security professionals. Cox Homelife Security offers 24/7 monitoring from a CSAA Five Diamond-certified monitoring center. And you never have to worry about outside interference or intrusion— your sensors and cameras are on a separate wireless network to help prevent unauthorized access.


Set Your Rules

One thing that surprised me about Cox Homelife Security was the level of high-tech automation. Not only did we gain access to a menu of advanced gadgets, we were able to customize our experience by creating “rules." For example, we've programmed our system so that the outside lights turn on when we lock our front door after dark. We've also configured the HD camera to automatically record video when the front door opens.


You can also program devices to activate together by creating “scenes." For example, when we tap the Bedtime Scene, our doors automatically lock and the outside lights go off. Finally, you can set up notifications. If someone opens the bedroom window, for example, I get a text alert on my phone. 


Take Control


Customizing your system may sound complicated, but it's very intuitive. All you have to do is tap your Smart Security touchscreen control panel to set alarms, view cameras and control smart devices. 


Download the Homelife app onto your smartphone, and you can set rules, view camera feeds, set your alarm system and access other features from virtually anywhere. You can even control security and energy features remotely, like doors, lights, thermostats and small appliances. 


Now that our home is outfitted, protected and connected, my family has never felt safer. Not only do we have a top-of-the-line security system in place, but with the “Cox Homelife Security" sign on our front lawn, everyone knows not to mess with us.


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