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Myth 3 Fiber is the greatest way to access the Internet.
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The facts

There has been a lot of buzz about fiber networks recently. But did you know that Cox has used fiber in its network for years? By placing fiber to the home (FTTH), a phone company is hoping to deliver the same three services – video, phone and Internet – that Cox has delivered for years.

Cox uses a proven, reliable technology that is currently available to all Cox customers. Conversely, FTTH is a new service that will most likely be unavailable to the majority of consumers for awhile. And FTTH Internet service also requires special wiring (CAT-5, a.k.a. Ethernet wiring) which many homes do not have.

But let’s say that FTTH technology is available in your neighborhood and you have CAT-5 wiring in your home. Are you guaranteed to like the service? The FTTH service contracts often require a 12-month contract complete with early termination fees.

On the other hand, Cox has years of experience providing high-quality services with no annual contracts required. In fact, Cox’s high-speed Internet service ranked the highest in overall customer satisfaction in the nation according to the J.D. Power and Associates’ 2005 Internet Service Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study, and received PC Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award three years in a row.

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