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VoiceManager Call Settings


VoiceManager users have access to a broad spectrum of Personal Features through the VoiceManager Toolbar, the MyAccount portal, and feature access codes. After confirming the Feature Package and services assigned to you, invest time in this area to learn more about how to address your unique calling requirements and preferences.

Call Settings

Resource Description Learn More Learning Tutorial
Automatic Callback Save time wasted on busy signals and redials. Automatic Callback redials the last number called as soon as it becomes available and connects instantly! Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Auto Attendant Auto Attendant improves customer service by making sure customers reach who they need, when they need them.
It also provides an automated way to deliver information to customers such as business hours, directions, and sales promotions.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Call Forwarding Call Forwarding is an important feature that can be used for disaster recovery and business continuity.
Empower employees with advanced call forwarding capabilities, ensuring they can always be reached.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Call Hold Provide excellent service with flexible features that enable employees to hold and retrieve calls quickly, ensuring availability for important issues. Call Hold enables handling calls of a more urgent nature while
affording opportunities to discuss call-back times for those that are not
Printer Friendly Version  
Call Notify  Stay connected anywhere you have email access! Call Notify generates an email notification to
your inbox when specified calls are received.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Call Return  Enhance productivity and customer service by creating a climate of follow-up. Connect with clients,
even after missing a call the first time, and build customer loyalty and business.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Call Acceptance and Rejection Call Acceptance and Rejection helps manage incoming calls by authorizing whether or not to answer them. Create time range rules to determine whether a call is accepted or rejected. Avoid harassing phone calls and block those that prevent focusing on business or customers with the Call Acceptance and Rejection feature. Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Calling Line ID Control and protect personal identity. The Calling Line ID feature controls the information that displays on the phone for incoming and outgoing calls. Maintain privacy by blocking phone identification when making external calls. Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Call Transfer Ensure customers receive speedy service by routing calls quickly and efficiently. The Call Transfer
feature facilitates call management and direction.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Custom Ringback Deliver optimal customer service by providing a customized message or ring tone to specific customers Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Do Not Disturb Increase productivity by minimizing interruptions. Do Not Disturb eliminates ringing by redirecting calls
to voice mail.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Music On Hold Make customers’ hold time more pleasant. Use music or messages to inform or entertain customers
while they wait.
Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Personal Status Manager One click and you are on the go! Maximize productivity and customer service by choosing from four pre-set options to receive calls anywhere, anytime. Printer Friendly Version View Tutorial
Priority Alert Increase customer satisfaction while making sure to answer the most important calls first. The Priority Alert feature allows you to identify specific callers with a distinctive ring based on creating distinctive alert rules. Printer Friendly Version  
Push to Talk Communicate easily with intercom-like functionality. Push to Talk can be used between members of a team with the Instant Group Call feature so that you can broadcast messages across multiple phones simultaneously to increase productivity and streamline communication. Printer Friendly Version  View Tutorial
Sequential Ring Provide enhanced service and stay connected when away from the office! Printer Friendly Version  View Tutorial
Simultaneous Ring Maximize customer service and streamline all phone numbers into one so that incoming calls ring multiple phones to ensure you are reached! Printer Friendly Version  View Tutorial
Speed Dial Save time wasted looking up names and phone numbers! VoiceManager can create customized lists of one or two-digit codes to call the most frequently dialed numbers. Printer Friendly Version  View Tutorial

Advanced Call Settings

Resource Description Learn More Learning Tutorial
Busy Lamp Improve productivity with this advanced monitoring capability. Calls can be answered and routed in record time, ensuring customer’s needs are met quickly! Download PDF View Tutorial
Call Pickup Provide excellent customer service by enabling employees to answer any line within their Call Pickup Group. Download PDF View Tutorial
Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In Maintain business priorities and choose to answer specific incoming calls to ensure faster handling time and service. Add convenience by answering an incoming call ringing on a different phone without leaving your desk. Also, join a call in progress to monitor the quality of the communication and provide coaching or support. Download PDF  
Hoteling Enjoy complete mobility when visiting other company locations by making and receiving calls that appear as your own business phone number. Download PDF View Tutorial
Hunting and Series Completion Never miss a customer call! Hunting and Series Completion facilitates routing calls to a team of
employees. Routing can be customized based on the order phones ring, the number of rings at each
extension before advancing calls to the next available user, and the treatment for any call that cannot
be answered.
Download PDF  View Tutorial
Instant Group Call Easily create and manage groups of users that can be called simultaneously for a conference call. Instant Group Call can also be combined with the Push-to-Talk feature to deliver Intercom functionality for IP Centrex Customers. Download PDF View Tutorial
Remote Office Maximize your time and expand your business; place and answer business calls from any location! Download PDF View Tutorial