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Viewing Transactions in Cox Business MyAccount

In MyAccount you have the ability to view transactions from your Cox Business account displaying the following information.

  • Date and amount of payment
  • Payment method
  • Statement number
  • Confirmation number
  • How the payment was made

The following options are available in Transaction History in MyAccount online and the app.

If accessing MyAccount via...Then the available options are...
Mobile app
  • Displays the most recent payment or credit transaction on your account
  • View all payment and credit transactions and filter by specific dates
  • View payment-only transactions and filter by specific dates
  • View all payment and credit transactions made on your account
  • Filter payment transactions by the following categories:
    • Date
    • Payment method
    • Amount of payment
    • Confirmation number
    • Statement number
  • Export a list of payment transactions to PDF or CSV file
  • Print a receipt for the payment
How are you accessing MyAccount?

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