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Using the Saved Video Clip Features in Your Subscriber Portal


This solution only applies to Cox Business Security Solutions customers within the following locations:

  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Macon
  • Kansas
  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Omaha
  • Las Vegas

The Saved Video Clips page displays all recorded video content based on your camera-triggered and event-triggered settings.


From your web browser, navigate to Cox Business MyAccount to access Security Solutions.


On the left-hand menu of the subscriber portal home page, click Video.

Image of the subscriber portal menu options


On the Video menu, click Saved Video Clips.

image of the saved video clips button


Refer to the table below to view the features and capabilities of the Saved Video Clips page.

Display Operation
image of the select video function Click the camera selection drop-down menu to select an active camera to view.
image of svr timeline slide bar Click and drag the Timeline Slide-bar to view the start time of the recorded video.
image of timeline sensor indicator lines

The indicator-lines mark the time of a triggered sensor event.

  • A grey line indicates a motion-triggered event.
  • A purple line represents a sensor-triggered event.
image of the playback speed menu Click the Playback Speed drop-down menu to select the playback speed options.
image of the resolution options menu Click the Playback Resolution drop-down menu to select the resolution size of the active cameras video playback.
image of the resolution video size Click the Timeline Scale drop-down menu to select the time increment to display on the Timeline.
image of day and time select menu options Click the Calendar drop-down menu to select previous recording dates and times to view.