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Understanding Permission Levels in MyAccount


The Security Profile Owner (SPO) is the sole account owner of your Security Solutions account. The SPO has authorization to elect several Security Profile Administrators (SPA). The SPO can delegate user management to the SPA by assigning Master Control. The SPO, and SPAs with the correct permission level, may add, edit, or remove Security Users in MyAccount. Security Users that you authorize on your Security Solutions account have permissions to manage your security system.

The description of the four primary permission levels are outlined in the table below.

Master Control and Full Control are the most frequently assigned user permission levels.

Permission Levels

Permission LevelDescription
Master Control

Master Control is the top permission level and includes the following functions:

  • Add, remove, or change SPAs and all MyAccount users
  • Add, remove, or change detection Touchscreen panel users
  • Manage, view, and control all video capabilities
  • Manage, view, and control all detection capabilities
  • Assign notifications and alerts
  • Manage website login information
  • Manage location information
Full Control

Full Control permissions includes most of the website and mobile app functionality available to the SPA, with the exception of the following functions:

  • Managing website logins
  • Will not receive certain types of account notifications that only go to the primary user.

All of the Full Control permissions outlined in the Custom Permissions table below.

Read Only

Read Only permission allows the user to view, but not change or modify, the following functions:

  • Most of the website pages
  • Settings for the account
  • User Codes
  • Live / Saved Video pages

Read Only users will not be able to do the following functions:

  • Change account settings
  • Change arming state
  • Change device status
  • View saved video clips
  • View the Manage Logins page

Custom Permissions for Security Profile Administrator

You are also able to customize permissions to limit access to some system features. The SPO or SPA with Master Control can assign other SPA with custom permissions. A description of the custom permissions are listed in the table below.

Permission LevelDescription
Remote ArmingEnables user to send remote commands from the website and mobile apps to arm and disarm the system.
Notification SettingsApplies to all types of automated email and text notification subscriptions, including Arming Reminders, Alarms, Arming/Disarming events, Power Failures, and Sensor notifications.

Note: These settings are unrelated to the central station's emergency contact instructions.
Lights/Thermostat AutomationApplies to all functionality related to Light and Thermostat Automation, including remotely changing current settings and programming schedules.
User Code ManagementApplies to security system user codes and lock user codes (if locks are included in the system).
Commercial FeaturesApplies to commercial features including Arming Supervision, Arming Schedules, and Reports.
View Live/Saved VideoUser can view Live Video and access and view Saved Video Clips.
Manage Saved VideoApplies to protecting, deleting, and naming Saved Video Clips. User can change Saved Video Clip descriptions, protect/unprotect clips, and permanently delete clips.
Manage Video CamerasApplies to Camera-Triggered and Event-Triggered Recording settings and Camera Settings.
Scenes ControlEnables user to run Scenes from the mobile app only. The user will not be able to edit any scenes and the feature will not appear on the website.

Note: The user will be able to run all Scenes, even those that include a device that the user does not have permission to control individually.
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