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Troubleshooting Your Wireless Connection


Wireless Connection

The following table provides guidelines to assist you with troubleshooting wireless connection issues.

Issue Troubleshooting
No wireless connectivity
  • Make sure that the wireless client is enabled.
  • Verify that the wireless client is configured with the correct wireless settings.
  • If the signal is low or not available, then try to reposition the Gateway.
  • Check that the wireless client supports the wireless band, protocol, and the selected wireless security that are currently used by the access point.
  • Change the wireless channel.
  • Make sure that the access point is enabled.
  • To reboot your equipment in Cox Business MyAccount, see Rebooting Your Equipment in Cox Business MyAccount.
Poor wireless connectivity or range
Unable to connect via WPS Manually connect your wireless client.
Network Diagnostic tools

The following diagnostic tools are available in the admin portal.

  • Ping: Checks the network connectivity to a particular IPv4 or IPv6 address.
  • Traceroute: Displays the route and measures transit delays of packets across the network.

Complete the following steps to access the Network Diagnostic tools.

  1. Access the Administrative Portal.
  2. From the Administration menu, click Troubleshooting.

    image of the admin portal troubleshooting tab
Internet Speeds

For information on improving internet speed, see Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed Experience.

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