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Troubleshooting Cox Business Email


If you have the @coxbusiness.com domain in your From email address, then the emails you send will not be received. You will need to change the @coxbusiness.com domain to align with your Webmail address.

Note: You will not receive an error message to alert you that the email was not received.

If you are experiencing issues with sending or receiving emails, then your email storage may be full. To check your email storage capacity, see Checking Your Email Storage in Cox Business Webmail.

Check for an Internet Connection

Is your internet connection working? Always test your internet connection first. Your email will not work unless your internet connection is functioning properly.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Attempt to go to a website you know is always up, such as bing.com or google.com.
    • If you are unable to access a website, then you do not have an internet connection, and email will not work. Visit www.cox.com/business/support/outages.html for more troubleshooting information.
    • If you are able to access a website successfully, then your internet connection is working.

Read the Error Message

Error messages can assist you in discovering what is wrong. Even if they do not indicate what the solution is, make note of the message. Learn more about error messages by visiting www.cox.com/business/support/common-error-messages-for-returned-email.html.

Test or Verify Your Username and Password

Cox Business offers Webmail for all customers that have an email account hosted on Cox servers. Using this interface is an easy way to test your username and password. See Using WebMail to Check Your Cox Business Email to learn how to sign in or troubleshoot your username and password.

Disable Email Anti-Virus Scanning

Some anti-virus programs will set up their own POP (inbound) and SMTP (outbound) settings to scan for viruses in your email. While this is a good idea, it may cause sending and receiving issues with your mail.

If you have an internet connection and are having trouble sending or receiving emails, do the following.

  1. In your anti-virus program, only turn off email scanning.
  2. Once email scanning is off, test your email again.

    Note: If it works, then your email scanning is the issue. Contact your anti-virus manufacturer for assistance with this type of problem.

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New MyAccount

Cox Business MyAccount Updates

With the new and improved MyAccount portal from Cox Business, you’re in control. Included with your Cox Business services, it’s all right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. 


  • Perform a health check on your services and reset your equipment
  • Easily configure key features and settings like voicemail and call forwarding
  • View your balance and schedule payments

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