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Tips for Preventing False Alarms on Your Security Solutions Detection System


To prevent false alarms and the fees that may apply, review the tips for your Security Solutions service listed below.

Understand Your System

  • At installation, your Cox Business Security Solutions Detection System is placed in a learning period for three days (72 hours) to allow you to become familiar with the controls, and avoid false alarms as you learn how to use your system. During this learning period, there will be no emergency response to alarm signals except for a duress signal or silent alarm/panic signal. These two alarm types will be responded to according to standard operating procedures. Following the 72-hour learning period, the system automatically connects to the Cox monitoring center for an emergency response to all alarms from your system.

    To skip this 72-hour learning period and enable your system immediately, contact our Technical Support team at 1-844-601-5890.

  • Learn how to use your security system and make sure that everyone with access to your business is instructed on how to use it, including the Verbal Passcode / Secret Word and the four-digit user code.
  • You can cancel an alarm by entering a valid keypad code on the touchscreen, keypad, mobile app, or subscriber portal. If you do not enter your code before the entry delay expires, an alert is sent to the Central Monitoring Station which calls you and your designated contacts and requests your Verbal Passcode/Secret Word.
    • Your Verbal Passcode/Secret Word is used to cancel a dispatch by the Central Monitoring Station in case of a false alarm. It is not the same as the four-digit user code used to arm and disarms your system. Every alarm user within your business should know the designated Central Station Verbal Passcode/Secret Word.
    • The Central Monitoring Station operator is not able to view your Verbal Passcode; they simply type it into their console to determine if it matches it to cancel the alarm.

      Note: Make your Verbal Passcode/Secret Word easy to remember, pronounce, and spell. See Changing Your Verbal Passcode / Secret Word for further details.

Keep Your System in Good Working Order

  • Keep batteries fresh. Outdated or weak batteries can cause a sensor to malfunction. When your touchscreen alerts you to a low battery, please contact our Technical Support team at 1-844-601-5890 for assistance.
  • Test your alarm regularly and before you are going to be away from your business for an extended time. Be sure to notify Cox’s Central Monitoring Station to schedule a test by calling 1-855-261-2501.
  • Notify Cox Business Security Solutions Technical Support at 1-844-601-5890 if you suspect the system is not working properly.

Notify Cox of Operational Issues with Your System

  • Notify us of any changes to your business. This includes business name changes, account changes, or other changes such as renovations.
  • Ensure that Cox Business Security Solutions has up-to-date emergency dispatch contact information. You can update your contacts in Cox Business MyAccount, refer to Creating Emergency Contacts in MyAccount for Your Security Solutions System.
  • Notify Cox Business Security Solutions if you plan to install anything near the location of the alarm control panel or any installed components.

Alarm Best Practices

  • Have others leave the business before arming the system from within.
  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked before arming the system.
  • Ensure moving items such as balloons, curtains, and decorations are not placed in the path of motion detectors.
  • After disarming the system, confirm that the alarm is turned off (indicated by a green disarmed status on the touchscreen or in the Cox Business Security Solutions App on your smartphone).
  • If the alarm sounds, always make sure to speak to someone from the Cox Central Monitoring Station immediately. Wait by the phone designated as your first emergency dispatch contact or call 1-855-261-2501 and have your Central Station Verbal Passcode / Secret Word ready to cancel a false alarm.
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