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StraightUp Internet Hotspot Pass Powered by Cox


StraightUp Internet Hotspot Pass is a prepaid WiFi internet service from Cox that includes the following benefits.

  • Anyone can purchase a pass to access the Cox WiFi network while on-the-go.
  • There are more than two million hotspots available in Cox service areas.
  • You can purchase a pass to use Cox WiFi as you need, with access for two hours, one day, or one week.
  • Connect your device once and it will automatically connect to the Cox WiFi network while your pass is active.
  • Use your pass to access Cox Hotspots nationwide, saving you on cellular data usage.

Ready to get online? See Signing In to Cox Hotspots to learn how to buy a pass and start surfing the web on Cox WiFi.

Need more help with your StraightUp Internet Hotspot Pass? Chat with Cox or text 36009 anytime.

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