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Signing in to the Detection Mobile App


After downloading the app to your device, follow these steps to sign in on your Apple or Android device.

See Security Solutions Supported Browsers and Device Platforms for compatible devices and operating systems.


Launch the mobile app from your phone or tablet.


On the Sign In screen, enter your Username and Password.

Note: The Username and Password are the same as they were for the previous app and the same as your subscriber portal.

Image of Sign In Screen

Error Messages

  • If you receive an Error connecting to server message, then tap the Settings icon and continue to the next step.

    Image of Sign In Error

  • If you receive an Invalid username or password error, then launch your subscriber portal or the previous version of the mobile app and use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links to reset your credentials.

From the Settings screen, ensure the green check mark displays to the right of the Cox server name.

Image of Mobile App - Cox Server

If the check mark is not displayed next to Cox, then tap Cox to move it from the Custom 1 or 2 server to the Cox server.


To return to the Sign In screen, tap Back.

Image of Settings Screen Back button


After entering your username and password, tap the check box next to Keep Me Signed In. This prevents you from having to enter your username each time you launch the app.

Image of Keep Me Signed In option


  • Tapping the Support icon from your mobile phone, displays a pop-up to call Customer Support with one touch. Tapping Support from your tablet opens the Cox Business Security support page.
  • Tapping the Settings icon provides options to see Cox Business policies and edit your Sign In settings.