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Signing in to the Contour YouTube App


Use the following information to obtain an activation code that is required to log in to the Contour YouTube app.

  • A YouTube account is not required to listen, view, or search content; however, it is required to create a list of Favorites or set up Subscriptions.
  • Your username and password for YouTube may differ from your Cox username and password.
  • This process requires access to a computer or phone.

Signing in to YouTube App

  1. Access and launch the YouTube app from your Contour 2 receiver.
  2. Navigate to Settings located in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Sign Up or Log In from the list of options on the left.

    Result: An Activation Code displays.

  4. Activate your account from another device. To activate your YouTube account, visit www.YouTube.com/activate.

    Result: The YouTube app is now active on this specific Contour 2 receiver. Repeat this process to activate on more than one receiver.

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